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Boost your productivity with MemoKeys. You can insert formatted texts, signatures, date stamps in all your applications
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How often do you use and re-use similar snippets of text in emails, webboard messages and webpage forms? Would a program that would let you assign a hotkey combination to a text string be of any use to you? Most people's answer is 'Yes', and the program they've been waiting for is MemoKeys.
MemoKeys is a sophisticated enough utility that lets you save time on doing repetitive tasks, filling forms and typing, for instance, your name, letter endings, greetings etc. It uses combinations of letter keys with rarely used function keys to avoid possible software conflicts. The tool lets you save a list of current hotkeys along with their contents and review them. There's also the option of choosing a keyboard layout.
The program is pretty easy to set up and use. The only drawback is that it's yet another icon in the system tray, as the tool needs to be running so that you could use the hotkeys. Download it today and check it out yourself.

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MemoKeys allows you to create shortcut key combinations (hotkeys) like "F5 + A" or "F2 + G" and associates them with any text information or e-mail and link action of your choice. You can use it to store passwords, code snippets, addresses, favorites, names, email signatures, documents and shell commands. Then instead of typing "Best regards" every time you email your friends, you could just press F10 +B and the text is instantly typed for you. You can assign preset e-mails and Internet links to 500 available shortcuts. MemoKeys works with any software application, including word processors, email programs, web forms and any other window that accepts text input. Special tags can be used to include automatic date/time functions in your text to create complex date stamps you can use everywhere on your computer. Memokeys has been tested with more than 40 target applications. A secure hardware version ( special USB key ) is also available.
Version 2.3
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